Why I’m Definitely NOT HERE for GZ or DMX.

Just this morning, the free world received the absurd news that GZ, murderer of Trayvon Martin, would be in a “celebrity” boxing match with former King of Personal Problems, DMX.


Wait…What? Hold. Up.

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Surviving the holidays with your significant other’s family

Disclaimer: I typically don’t do relationship posts here and I’m not sure of I will continue to do so. Nevertheless, had fun writing this piece and wanted to share! Hopefully this will keep some lad or lass out of the dog house this holiday season.

As we approach the holiday season, many new couples are going through one of the most stressful situations imaginable; meeting the family. Here are 5 easy tips on how to survive your SO’s family for the holidays

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It shouldn’t matter if I’m Black or White, but it does.

This doesn’t need to be long winded.  I don’t have a lot to say.

The truth is, I’m sick and tired of talking about race.  I’m sick of challenging people’s racist remarks and demanding they explain what they mean when they tell me, “you’re not like other Black girls, you’re an exception.  You’re not ratchet.”

Or, I go out and they think I can twerk or they neck roll around me or call me “girlfriend”

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Oye, Morena

I am an old school Latina.  My hips are wide, my hair is curly, my heart is always open.  I am a nurturing lioness- I will give you the clothes off my back and fiercely protect those I love.  I can turn a kitchen out, making habichuelas from memory, hechando ajo y cebolla in everything I cook.  White rice at every dinner.  I can live on vaca frita and moro for the rest of my days.  Or maybe maduro and aguacate.  I grew up in a home where I called my parents mami and papi.  My grandparents were affectionately called abuelo and abuela.  I think faster in Spanish.  Salsa and bachata rhythms hypnotize me and send me to a sweet sandy beach with a grill going and my mom meneando right next to me. Marc Anthony singing Aguanile gets the party started for me! AZUCAR!

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Facing, Accepting, Embracing…

Change.  Three important things we need to learn about growing up and accepting change is that it is inevitable, sometimes it can be painful and it almost always happens out of the blue.  Expect the unexpected.  More than once in the past few years, I’ve been knocked sideways by the overwhelming changes going on in my life.  I’m progressing in life and there’s this sudden big decision I have to make and… I can’t.  I just can’t.

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“Not My Problem” The Slow, Painful Death of Accountability

“That’s not my job”

This phrase infuriates me to no end.  My skin literally crawls when I hear someone say this or anything close to this.  A lot of people want to sit and complain about today’s society- how kids are so messed up and how our education system is failing, blah Blah BLAH.  I rarely hear how these people are doing something about it.

I remember over the holidays my parents and I were watching tv.  The ASPCA commercial with the animals and the sad music came on- honestly it makes me sick to my stomach to watch this stuff-  my mom goes “omg please change this I can’t bear to watch it!”  My dad then turns to her and says “Well, what are you doing about it?”

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Tuam Nosce Veritatem

What does that say above?  “Know your truth.”

In Latin! (oh yeah, I’m so fancy!)

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