My Girlfriends- A Personal Story

Hey all,

This is going to be a super personal post.  The first of many, actually.  I believe that the best way to know me is to know my story and I have many, many stories.  There is a group of women that will always have a place in my heart.  They aren’t my sisters by blood, but even in the short time that we were together, we most definitely became sisters.

I met D, M, and E within my first week of college.  They were beautiful women, strong willed but unsure of where they were going in life.  E and M lived in my dorm and D lived…. I don’t know where she lived, to be honest… she was always in our dorm!   I didn’t go out and get crazy my first weekend at school.  Instead, I stayed up all night talking to E, getting to know my fellow Floridian lady.  Together we tried our best to figure out what places, classes, professors and upperclassmen to befriend, attend or avoid.

D, M, E and I were inseparable!  If we weren’t in class, we were in each other’s rooms, giggling, EATING (together we gained the freshman 15) or making plans for the weekend.  Every afternoon at 4pm we would be cuddled up in E’s bed watching Oprah, crying together or planning our trip to Chicago to see a live taping.

Just like friends, just like sisters… we fought.  We gave each other the silent treatment and we even screamed at each other.  I remember the majority of our fights had to do with not spending enough time together.  To be absolutely honest, we’d get the most upset when we felt like we weren’t being loved enough by our girls.

Then there was Gorgeous G, my turkish delight who always had something sassy to say but had a heart of gold.  A makeup   and fashion junkie, she recently talked me into using nail colors other than black and red. Gorgeous G is beautiful with long auburn hair and a smile that lights up her entire face.  Like my baby-loves, she is a beautiful woman inside and out.

Then there was Killa-K, lover of life, music and laughs.  Killa introduced me to the hypnotic crooning of John Legend, an artist that would later soothe my soul could lull my homesick heart to sleep on even the coldest winter nights.  My Jamaican sensation walked into class, parties and around campus like a queen.  She was an actor. She put her all into every role (big or small) and left it all on the stage for the audience to take it in any way they see fit.  Her fixation on owls was how many remember her, and she, like the owls was wise, quiet and watchful.  She always made time to listen and could always find something profound to share with you to lift your spirits.

E, who sometimes called herself America blew me away.   She was a beautiful Chicago spitfire, that brought soul, heart and inspiration to every project.  An art lover in her own right, beautiful America never realized she herself was a living masterpiece.  A culmination of beautiful and thoughtful work wrapped together in a distant pain that only made her stronger (hell, I’m pretty sure she’s invincible).

S and K…WOW!  These women were dynamos in their own right.  Two Dominican queens on the Union College campus, they hit the ground running our AOP summer, kicking ass and taking names.  You had no choice to respect them.  They worked hard, played hard and always kept it together.  These women taught me how to be strong, speak up and stop someone dead in their tracks when they tried to disrespect me.  They forced me to love and accept myself and to make myself accountable for my own happiness.  They forced me to grow backbone.  S and K taught me that there was nothing and no one on this Earth that could make me genuinely happy but myself.  A lot of drama was brought to their doorstep by people who were easily offended or didn’t understand their silence.  S and K stepped right over it and kept it moving.    You would never see these girls sweat.  They let nothing stand in their way of success and for that, they will always inspire me.

J, was my first roomie and a little ball of energy.  She did what she wanted, when she wanted and she didn’t care.  She was hardworking and kind, but if you crossed her she’d let you know.  If you were slacking on something, she would let you know.  She was a loud and proud Dominican girl from the city who forged her own path.  She wasn’t afraid to be herself no matter what people said.  She was even my inspiration to grow out my natural tresses.  When I couldn’t keep up with Dominican slang, she would kindly help me out before bed (right after our nightly ritual of 20 push-ups and about 50 sit-ups).  She has traveled the country pursuing amazing opportunities in the engineering field. She would always greet me like we were long lost relatives and always reminded me of that crazy tia that you loved having around.

L, a Boston based Posse scholar was my second “roomie.”  L was beautiful, she knew how to talk the talk and walk the walk.  She achieved everything she set her might to and always did so with the hint of a smile on her face (if it wasnt a full blown one, of course).  She had a style that was unmatched and a sparkling personality. She was (and still is) my home girl.

These are my girls.  I have to really sit back and laugh at myself because I like to claim I make better friends with boys.  No way in hell.  These women and so many more women who have come in and out of my life have attributed in some way or another the person I am today.  I am loved, I am blessed, I am strong and I am ME.

Because of my girlfriends.

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I love you ladies, who you are, what you are and who you are all becoming.  We’re going to run this world one day soon and I couldn’t have put my fate in better pair of hands.

Today we are scattered all over the world, but I will never let go of these ties.  I love them and they will always have a special place in my heart.

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4 Responses to My Girlfriends- A Personal Story

  1. Roy says:

    This is really sweet. I can see these girls meant a lot to you. Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. Sosa says:

    This is very nice of you ro put together Kiki. I’m glad that I can be an inspiration to you. I still miss us working out before bed lol so much fun! I wish you were in Miami while I am here. I am starting to understand why you were worried about me moving down here lol I get it….but I am also getting used to ignoring the crazy ppl down here. Good Luck with your life ventures. I know God has his funny way of building your life path but be sure that yours is towards unmeasured success!

  3. S & K says:

    Ramona Lope!!!!!!!

    This was really sweet, and we didn’t know we had such a big impact on you, you were and have always been a beautiful, strong woman…sometimes you just need that little reminder every now and then ;) Wish you nothing but the best in whatever your future holds.

    Miss you

    Carmen & Altagracia

    (PS we’re sitting together eating ice cream in K’s house as we type this lol)

  4. lisis says:

    I love you mamita bella, – couldn’t agree more with the beautiful words of our friends who I can truly say, are way beyond that in our hearts. I just read this and truly enjoyed every moment. Love you baby girl!

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