What Are You Waiting For?

My name is Kiki. I am a blogger (bloguera). I don’t plan on this making me rich and famous. I want this to be a beacon of hope to anyone who finds it. I believe in hope and the power of determination. You can do all that you imagined and more! It’s just a matter of getting on your feet and going!

The time is now. What are you waiting for? Success will not find you, you must find it. You must make it.

Tonight I dare you to dream. Dream and start taking steps toward you dreams.

In the words of the inspiring actress Meryl Streep, “Start by starting”

It’s that simple.

Greet the Sunset with at Least One Accomplishment from Your Day

About The Afro Latina

Afro-Latina, Amazon, Budding Feminist, Uninspired Writer, Naturalista, Logophile, Sapiosexual, Supporter of Humanity, Music and Bacon
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2 Responses to What Are You Waiting For?

  1. Love it Kiki! you super rock!
    I’m so glad you started blogging.

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