Hats Off To: Michelle Obama

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama

This is sort of a rant, but it will end on a good note!

We live in a world where Celebrities dictate social norms… and that’s not good. Kim Kardashian’s claim to fame was a big butt, a sex tape and two botched marriages. Amber Rose and other young celebrities are leaking naked pictures of themselves just about every other week. Young girls are being filmed performing lewd sex acts on WorldStarHipHop (trust me, don’t go) and other “classy” websites.

That’s why I welcome Michelle Obama- a black woman with an education family and sense of purpose- with open arms.

Education, stability, self-confidence, marriage, children. This is the way life should go. Unfortunately, the young girls of our time are not getting this message. If you watch any Disney channel show right now, there is a girl who is chasing after a boy (or boys in general) and desperatley trying to fit in. last time I checked people arent graduating and getting hired based on their popularity or relationship status. We are teaching our young girls to focus on the wrong things. Just because being a part of the crowd is what our teens focus on doesnt mean we should make shows that aggravate and really drive home this fact!

….gah I’m getting off topic! Back to Michelle.

Michelle Obama is a dynamic woman who stands where she is today by her own accord (mostly). She shows us an alternative path to success and fame- education and respect.

Women of all races should pay attention to what Michelle’s accomplishments for inspiration. She is a well respected woman known to run her household and career with poise and intellect. She is also a fashion icon and obviously in love with her husband and children! Michelle is also an activist for a number of amazing causes including Lets Move! a government organization that encourages children to get up and get active- she even managed to get Beyonce to participate (Have you see the Move Your Body Video, yet?).

Michelle is a stunning example of what kind of woman I want to be when I grow up. She embodies the quote “behind every strong man is a strong woman”. She makes it OK for a girl to spend her Friday night studying instead of partying hard.

Success is sexy! Ladies, it’s OK to be smart!! Men like intelligent conversation! The men who don’t like intelligent conversation are monkeys who aren’t worth your time.

Hats off to Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama. She’s got beauty and brains- a force to be reckoned with.

I hope that young women everywhere use her as an example of how to gain success.

Now it’s your turn to speak up. What are your favorite things about Michelle Obama? What other dynamic women do you look up to?

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1 Response to Hats Off To: Michelle Obama

  1. Dolev says:

    Amen! (and A-Women!)

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