I’m Every Woman



I sat on the thought of doing this post for a while.  In the wake of Whitney Houston’s death a lot of people are paying their respects and remembering a true gem to the music industry.  In a way I feel guilty.  Whitney had regal beauty, a dazzling smile and unparalleled fashion sense.   I LOVED Whitney, but once she fell off with drugs abuse and her ridiculous relationship with Bobby, I strayed away.  I remember Whitney as the beautiful and dynamic woman in The Bodyguard, the soulful and self-reflective woman in Waiting to Exhale and an amazing performer in just about every song I’ve ever heard her do.  That’s how I always wanted to remember her.

It is difficult to express how I feel about Whitney’s death.  To be honest, I feel like Whitney died years ago when she and Bobby began to use drugs and behave distastefully.  It is difficult to come to grips with Whitney’s real death.  To me, it’s like she died twice and that just doesn’t feel right to me.

Whitney was a living legend, a testament to how easy it is to have everything in instant and hit rock bottom the next.  Allegedly, she was working on a comeback but there was no way of going back to the 90’s Whitney we knew.

I remember listening to Whitney with my parents and getting chills.  I want to compare her voice to velvet, or chocolate or something tangible…. But there’s no possible way to do so.  Whitney’s voice was a glimpse into Heaven.  Warmth that came from the inside out.

I choose to ignore the cruel things said about a woman who could sing so earnestly on love, loss and women’s empowerment.  Whitney was a wonderful artist and I will always love her.

Whitney will forever be a musical inspiration.

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Afro-Latina, Amazon, Budding Feminist, Uninspired Writer, Naturalista, Logophile, Sapiosexual, Supporter of Humanity, Music and Bacon
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1 Response to I’m Every Woman

  1. Kiki,
    What a great post. Thank You. I agree with you. Whitney died twice for me as well. I am saddened by this tragic loss and will cling to the wonderful memories that her music created for me as a young adults. To this day, I still cry when I hear her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. May she rest in peace.

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