“Not My Problem” The Slow, Painful Death of Accountability

“That’s not my job”

This phrase infuriates me to no end.  My skin literally crawls when I hear someone say this or anything close to this.  A lot of people want to sit and complain about today’s society- how kids are so messed up and how our education system is failing, blah Blah BLAH.  I rarely hear how these people are doing something about it.

I remember over the holidays my parents and I were watching tv.  The ASPCA commercial with the animals and the sad music came on- honestly it makes me sick to my stomach to watch this stuff-  my mom goes “omg please change this I can’t bear to watch it!”  My dad then turns to her and says “Well, what are you doing about it?”

“What are you doing about it”

This really got me thinking.  All of the things that upset me can be helped in some way.  I can’t handle it when people complain and don’t take action.  Recently, I have seen a lot (A LOT) of professionals doing the bare minimum to get by.  They come in, do their work until 5pm and then leave.  They also sit around sometimes and spend the day about how they are so busy, but do nothing all day! If they are taught to screw the cap on a tube of toothpaste, that’s what they will do day in and day out.  The best way to do a good job where you are is to learn what your role is in the bigger picture.  How does your job of screwing the cap on the toothpaste help your company?  Wheat happens before the toothpaste gets to you?  What happens after you?  Knowing this can help you become a vital employee to your company.

Nowadays, everyone is afraid to lose their job, so they hesitate to speak up when they see something is amiss and are quick to point the finger at someone else when something goes wrong.

People refuse to be accountable for their actions.  When something goes wrong they fall silent, hoping that the finger is not being pointed to them.  Mind you accountability and responsibility are two very different things.  You are responsible to do your job.  Accountability means that you ensure that the ball is not dropped on the job or project you are working on.

Know the difference between accountability and responsibility.  if you have an issue with something, change it!  If you see a problem in your work place, see if you can suggest to someone how to change it.  You always have the power to make a difference no matter how small the difference may be.

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2 Responses to “Not My Problem” The Slow, Painful Death of Accountability

  1. janswrite says:

    Great points. Seems to me it dovetails with the slow and painful death of standing up for one’s convictions. While all kinds of untruths are being sold as fact, there doesn’t seem to be as many on the left loudly proclaiming what the other side doesn’t have–truth and integrity. Nice blog!

    • Thanks! I feel that especially now, when we saw the media saying things without directly saying it over the past week (describing the Boston bomber as light skinned instead of white and sending out leading sentences to put a thought in someone’s head), it has become all too apparent of what is going on.

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