Why I’m Definitely NOT HERE for GZ or DMX.

Just this morning, the free world received the absurd news that GZ, murderer of Trayvon Martin, would be in a “celebrity” boxing match with former King of Personal Problems, DMX.


Wait…What? Hold. Up.

What better time than Trayvon Martin’s (would’ve been) 19th birthday that we find out such pathetic news.  DMX, you are pathetic. Yes, you might be hard up for some publicity but seriously, can you NOT with this right now?  You’re dancing with the devil and condoning America’s celebration of villainy in our society.  We have reality shows about ex wives; bad girls and ratchets so people can sit around, judge others and ultimately feel better about themselves.  The scum of our society are being celebrated, validated and PAID for their bad behavior.  When you were a child, how did your parents treat bad behavior? They told you it was wrong or they ignored you until you stopped your little foolishness.  We need to ignore these cancers in our society (I know that’s not what we usually do to cancer, but work with me here).

Dumb collage

Seriously, can we not acknowledge this stuff anymore? Pretty please?

Corporate media says that they are showing us we want to see.  If that’s the case, why are my twitter and Facebook timelines increasingly aggravated with the stupidity of what we’re seeing and more people walking away from TV to embrace Netflix and the like?  We are allowing the media feed us this entertainment slop and while some of us give serious side eye to these corporations, others are greedily eating it up and begging for more. The media is shaping our society, not the other way around.  We need to change that.  Whether or not a show like Cheaters, Paternity Court or, dare I say, Maury Povich (ew, really?) is your guilty pleasure, you need to turn it off.  It’s giving positive feedback through ratings, it’s poisoning your mind and your spirit and it’s creating a darkness in our society that will consume us all from the inside out.  It’s time to  stand up to this foolishness and say NO, we’re not going to let you feed us this slop.  We simply won’t allow it.


There are a few things you can do to maybe help stop this catastrophe of a fight:

  • Sign this petition (but really do you think the White House will intervene? They kind of have bigger issues)
  • Call your local cable provider (this mess will be on pay per view) to protest them showing this match
  • Send DMX all of your drugs so he bites off GZ’s head (Don’t do that)*
  • Call and ask promoters to turn the match into a grenade catching contest.
  • Don’t watch and encourage people you know not to watch either.

Happy Birthday, Trayvon



*Wink **
** Seriously, don’t send DMX all your drugs, that’s bad and illegal***
*** Yes bad and illegal are two different things.  Murder is bad and illegal, gay marriage is not bad, but illegal. See?

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2 Responses to Why I’m Definitely NOT HERE for GZ or DMX.

  1. KikiLover4Eva says:

    My friend made a good point today that there is a fair possibility that DMX will get shut down by George Zimmerman. DMX is not the big and bad Ruff Rider he used to be. He’s an older gentlemen that’s had issues with drug addiction and even some basic medical conditions. Meanwhile, Zimmerman has been up in the gym working on his fitness, specifically, he’s been training to fight. Like, for real for real. I don’t condone this fight, but I do think that it’ll probably go thru… and it’ll be a damn shame if DMX lost

  2. Ok, so first love you and your screen name is pretty dope if I do say so myself. It’s a shame this is happening at all and I hope it’s stopped before these plans come to fruition. It just doesn’t make sense. A couple months ago, GZ was too “weak” to defend himself against a 17 year old boy. Why is he jumping at another opportunity to fight a black man? That’s not even the point. there’s honestly so much wrong with this picture. One thing that’s for sure: nothing good can come of this. If he loses, we will have white supremacists super angry if he wins a if of people are going to question whether or not he was actually able to defend himself with Trayvon. Thanks for your input! ❤

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